Or Should I Say It Like a Woman Artist?

Installation 72" x 65" x 25"  
Left to right:
1. "Andy Warhol Is a Wuss" Embroidered Andy T-Shirt, hoop, thread, needle, clothes pin.14x14"
2. "Ironing Andy" Antique ironing board, Andy T-shirt, acrylic, antique iron.
3. "Heavy Muffin" (on ironing board, right) Gear, railroad ball.
4. "Hot Stove" (on ironing board, far right) Gear, long bolts, screws, twisted metal, cork.
5. "Andy's Glasses" Sunglasses, clothes line, clothes pin.
6. "Andy's Tee-Shirt, Dripping" Andy T-shirt, acrylic, clothes line, clothes pins.
7. "Andy's Last Souper Bubbles" Basin, pingpong balls, acrylic, scrub board, water, lava soap,
music box that plays "Imagine".
8. "I Heart Andy" Embroidered Andy T-shirt, thread, needle, antique hoop.